Furry? Finned? Scaley skinned? You're in! Furry? Finned? Scaley skinned? You're in!

You and your Very Important Pet(s) will join over 10 million VIPs and their humans.

Join today and get 10% off online, then 10% off in store, too. Enjoy tailored offers, news and tips. Plus, every swipe of your VIP card helps animals in need near you.

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Do some good every time you swipe!

Every time you get your VIP's essentials, treatments or treats, you raise Lifelines for an animal charity of your choice.
Do some good every time you swipe!

Every time you get your VIP's essentials, treatments or treats, you raise Lifelines for an animal charity of your choice.

Your 24/7 pet-finding service

Find My VIP gives you peace of mind, that your pet stands the best chance of being found. Send a Lost Pet Alert to VIP club members – be it near your home, away on holiday, or with a sitter. And, rest assured that any emergency vet costs will be covered*.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Free Pets at Home app

Put Pets at Home on your phone and keep all your VIP club benefits with you, wherever you go – from your tailored offers to our Find My VIP pet-finding service. Download our free app today!

Get 10% off online in your welcome email, within 24hrs of joining.

Then you'll get a 10% off in-store voucher in your welcome pack, within 28 days of your first shop online or in store. See email and vouchers for details.

Tell us your VIP's birthday and they'll get a surprise pressie from us every year.

Savings and offers – month in, month out! Let us know your pets' favourite brands and we'll help you save on what they love most.

Trim or treatment, nail clipping or microchipping… VIP's get upgrades and rewards with every visit.

£10 health check

Exclusive £10 nose-to-tail health check at either of our vet partners. See voucher for details.

FREE magazine

Pick up your free My VIP magazine in stores – over 80 pages of celeb pet stories, advice, puzzles and £100+ of vouchers.

Do some good everytime you swipe!

Every time you get your VIP's essentials, treatments or treats, you raise Lifelines for an animal charity of your choice.

Dogs go FREE with holidaycottages.co.uk

Canine VIP's exclusively stay for free with holidaycottages.co.uk. And, there will be a doggie goodie pack waiting for you!



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